We Manufacture Furniture Style Aviaries

At Birds-I-View we manufacture furniture style aviaries . We provide excellent service for a great price, where most companies only service their aviarys once a month we come weekly (4 times a month). That is 4 times the standard! We love our birds so we make sure they get the best care available. We have an 18 step check list that is preformed weekly including but not limited to; a wellness check for all birds in the aviary, meticulous cleaning of the enclosure (inside and out) plus replenishing of food and water. Our president has always cared deeply for birds and it has always been his dream to educate and share his birds with the world.


David Krol has run Birds-I-View for 29 years and, in addition to being the only provider of custom aviaries in north or south Carolina, he also runs a sanctuary for injured and neglected birds and does educational presentations at schools and other facilities. He has truly uplifted and educated the community and has been invaluable to the youth of the Carolinas and to all the birds out there that just needed a little love.


No doubt you have sat at your window on a spring morning and watched the birds in your front yard hopping around, interacting with each other, you may even feed them so they will come by more often. can you recall how it makes you feel? having taken a moment to just watch the birds makes your day just a little better, maybe makes you a little more cheerful. Its no coincidence. in a recent study it was proven that people that see birds daily have lower levels of depression and anxiety. read more on our blog

About Us

Birds-I-View is a small, family owned business that manufactures and maintains beautiful furniture-style bird habitats (Aviaries) these are found in businesses throughout the Carolinas.  Since 1989, Birds-I-View has been a pioneer in the business of colorfully entertaining and enriching our client’s facilities with our birds.  our aviaries would not be complete without your new finches, which are included in pairs. Our aviaries are designed to provide excellent living conditions, as well as beauty and enjoyment with minimal maintenance. The interior home is furnished with natural wood branches, silk foliage, nests, heating and lighting, in addition to feeding and water trays. In the last 29 years we have serviced hundreds of facilities and residences across the Carolinas and brought joy to those young and old with our finches.

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At Birds-I-View, our goal is to enhance our clients facilities by bringing natural beauty indoors and by improving residents quality of life by providing a therapeutic outlet. Birds have been proven to lower levels of depression and anxiety, and thus they are a wonderful tool for assisted living facilities and waiting rooms. To see reference article click here.





Our President


Our president David Krol has dedicated his life to his birds. since 1989 he has been caring for neglected birds at his rescue Birds-I-View. the namesake of his avairy services which were founded as a means to fund his sanctuary and give his feathery friends a new lease on life! since then he has taken it dozens of neglected birds and given them all the love and care they could ever need. click here to learn more about our rescue




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