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Each aviary is hand crafted in our shop, using the finest material available.In order to maintain the highest quality, we do not pre-stock our inventory. Distinct perfection, choice, and  craftsmanship are of the highest importance to us. Our solid wood construction includes solid brass hardware, double-paned glass and custom finishes. our enclosures are large and spacious to promote the comfort and health of our  finches ensuring that they are able to get adequate exercise and movement. we add décor to make the birds feel as close to their native habitat as possible. each avairy also includes full  service weekly meticulously cleaning the outside (as well as the inside) of the enclosure also  repairing any Knicks or scratches that may happen at no additional charge to ensure that your avairy is always as pristine and beautiful as the day it was built.

What is an aviary?

An aviary is a large enclosure for containing birds. Unlike birdcages, aviaries allow birds a larger living space where they can fly; hence, aviaries are also sometimes known as flight cages. Aviaries often contain branches and decorations to simulate their natural environment. In this case the aviaries contain Gouldian finches and have plentiful food, water and space to fly, play and have little families of finches.


  • Automatically timed lighting   In addition to enhancing the beauty of the aviary, proper lighting promotes better health and sleeping conditions for the finches.
  • A unique ventilation system   Adequate air exchange, while maintaining a debris-free exterior, enhances a health conscious environment.
  • Finches will come in pairs   The number of pairs depends on the size of aviary you choose. Ask about the different types of birds available.
  • Custom furniture   A variety of furniture styles and finishes for you to match with your home or business.

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