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Upon placing your order, each Birds-I-View aviary is crafted in our own shop,
using the finest materials available.

In order to maintain the highest quality, we do not pre-stock our inventory. Distinct perfection, choice, and craftsmanship are of the highest importance to us. Our solid wood construction includes solid brass hardware, double-paned glass and custom finishes.

Still, our aviaries would not be complete without your new finches, which are included in pairs. Our aviaries are designed to provide excellent living conditions, as well as beauty and enjoyment with minimal maintenance. The interior home is furnished with natural wood branches, silk foliage, nests, heating and lighting, in addition to feeding and water trays.

All aviaries include

Automatically timed lighting   In addition to enhancing the beauty of the aviary, proper lighting promotes better health and sleeping conditions for the finches.

A unique ventilation system   Adequate air exchange, while maintaining a debris-free exterior, enhances a health conscience environment.

Finches will come in pairs   The number of pairs depends on the size of aviary you choose. Ask about the different types of birds available.

Custom furniture   A variety of furniture styles and finishes for you to match with your home or business.

Purchase or Lease your new aviary

Purchase   Price includes local delivery and setup.

Full Service Lease   Includes weekly service to monitor and care for the birds, for replenishing food, changing water and meticulous cleaning.

No effort or maintenance is required by you.

Lease Only   Available to those who wish to maintain their own service and the health and care of the birds.

The cost is for the aviary.


SMALL 4 Foot 72"  Tall 48"  Wide 24"  Deep
MEDIUM 5 Foot 72"  Tall 60"  Wide 26"  Deep
LARGE 6 Foot 72"  Tall 72"  Wide 28"  Deep



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