Maximum visibility for viewing birds.
Completely debris and odor free.
Perfect for anyone with allergies.

Unique design allows for ease of cleaning.
Minimal maintenance means maximum enjoyment.
No more dreading the chore of cleaning the bird cage.

Natural interior creates a comfortable living environment for the birds.
Birds live much longer in a properly controlled situation.
Thermal ventilation creates a maximum air exchange without any debris
while providing a consistent source of heat.

Beautifully hand crafted furniture gives an enhanced look to any setting.
Birds can easily be heard when singing.
The enclosed glass does not hinder the sound.  In fact it helps in hearing the birds.

Proper lighting is used to accurately recreate natural sunlight, and is on a programmable timer.
This is absolutely essential when housing tropical birds.
Without proper lighting birds health will most assuredly diminish.

Our designs allows aviaries to be placed virtually anywhere;  in front of windows, even over air vents.
From breakfast room to living room, this is an exciting addition to any home or office environment.