Faq about aviary and service 

Am I responsible for the birds? do I have to feed or water them or maintain the aviary?

No you are not, we come weekly and maintain the aviary.
Includes weekly service to monitor and care for the birds, for replenishing food, changing water and meticulous cleaning.

What sizes do the aviaries come in?

    Small   4 foot    72″ tall  48″ wide  24″ deep
 Medium   5 foot    72″ tall  60″ wide  26″ deep
    Large   6 foot    72″ tall  72″ wide  28″ deep


How many finches come in an aviary?

They come in pairs, however, how many pairs depends on the size of your aviary. however the birds do reproduce in the aviary do you may end up with a little family. 

Setup and Delivery of Aviary & Birds

We will come deliver and set up your aviary free of charge! (local delivery only) in North and South Carolina

How much does it cost?

A three month deposit (first month – last month and a security deposit equal to one month) is required to begin service. Your fee will never increase and you are not locked into a contract because we feel that by doing our job properly you will be completely satisfied.  A monthly fee is also charged and varies on location ( because of travel cost) and includes complete care of the aviary and the birds on a weekly basis.

What does the avairy include?


Each avairy comes with:

  • food  and water dish
  • mounted branches (to simulate natural environment)
  • vines (to simulate natural environment)
  • a pair of finches


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