Am I responsible for the care and maintenance of the Birds and the Aviary?

Birds-I-View provides weekly care and maintenance of your Birds and your Aviary by one of our knowledgeable, friendly service people. You have nothing to do but enjoy the birds.

What sizes do the aviaries come in?

    Small   4 foot    72″ tall  48″ wide  24″ deep
 Medium   5 foot    72″ tall  60″ wide  26″ deep
    Large   6 foot    72″ tall  72″ wide  28″ deep

How many Finches are in an Aviary?

The Finches are put in the Aviaries in pairs.  You will receive 2 pairs with the 4 foot and 5 foot Aviaries and 3 pairs with the 6 foot Aviary.  Most Aviaries are set up for the birds to breed. We reserve the right to put all males in an Aviary that is more than 2 hours away from the Charlotte Area.  We do put all males in when an Aviary is too far away from us to be able to quickly rescue any babies that might get thrown from the nest.

Delivery & Set up

Birds-I-View provides complete delivery and set up with no charge to the client (North Carolina and South Carolina only). Birds-I-View will deliver the Aviary and set it up, release the Birds into the unit and answer any questions that you may have.

How much does an aviary cost? 

A monthly fee is charged for the weekly care and maintenance of the Birds and Aviary that is provided by Birds-I-View. A three month deposit (first month – last month and a security deposit equal to one month) is required to begin service. Your fee will never increase and you are not locked into a contract because we feel that by doing our job properly you will be completely satisfied.

What does the avairy include?


Each custom designed furniture style Aviary has automatic timed lighting, a unique ventilation system, Finches in pairs, nests, a swing, heat lamp, food and water feeders with a feeder base and a bath.  It is decorated with natural branches and silk ivy.


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