Lease agreement

Lease Agreement   (SAMPLE w/Service)

This lease agreement is made by and between Birds-I-View and CUSTOMER (customer)
on the _____ day of ____________ , _____ .

Birds-I-View agrees that it shall provide a SMALL MEDIUM or LARGE aviary with finches.
Birds-I-View agrees to supply service weekly and is solely responsible for the condition and maintenance of the aviary and all its contents.  The monthly price is guaranteed for the first twelve (12) months from the contract date and this contract shall continue as an auto-renewal lease.

Customer agrees to pay a monthly service fee of $ ________  plus applicable sales tax to Birds-I-View.
Customer agrees that first and last month lease payment, and a security deposit equal to one month lease payment is required to initiate this lease.
Customer assumes no responsibility for the condition of the aviary or its contents at any time during the lease.

Service constitutes cleaning the aviary and its contents and the immediate area affected by the cleaning process, and the quality and health of the birds supplied by Birds-I-View.

If service is no longer required, or for any other reason by either party, the lease agreement may be terminated at any time.  A 30 day notice is required.  The aviary, its contents and birds, shall remain the property of Birds-I-View.

This agreement shall be enforced and binding under the laws of the state of North Carolina.

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