Birds-I-View manufactures and maintains the beautiful furniture style bird habitats (Aviaries) that are found in businesses throughout the Carolinas. Since 1989 Birds-I-View has been a pioneer in the business of colorfully entertaining, educating and enriching our client’s facilities with our birds.

A three month deposit (first month – last month and a security deposit equal to one month) is required to begin service. Your fee will never increase and you are not locked into a contract because we feel that by doing our job properly you will be completely satisfied. The fee is $229.00 a month and includes complete care of the aviary and birds on a weekly basis (the bulleted list below shows our checklist for servicing your aviary). we deliver and set up the aviary at no additional charge. If you would like more information or a free on site consultation please feel free to contact us.

Our cleaning process

• Visually inspect aviary upon arrival
make sure all cords are neatly tucked in and slack is taken up

• Check birds overall condition,

• Clip nails if needed

• If babies are present, check overall condition

• Check lighting, timer, heat light

• Remove food, mineral cup, water and bath change food, minerals, millet

• Clean feeder base

• Change water and bath adding 1 drop nolvasan
– per ounce of water (1/2 ml water, 1/4 ml bath)

• Change litter bedding per schedule
when changing bedding clean under tray as well as top of aviary, inside and out

• When changing bedding use polish to wipe down aviary including legs, corner caps, moldings, etc.

• Touch up any nicks or scratches with polish make sure knobs are tightened and replace as needed

• When changing bedding clean all glass on both sides

• Change ivy, nests and swings as needed

• Clean interior including branches, ivy, etc

• Clean glass interior and exterior

• Clean/wipe down exterior of aviary

• Clean immediate area around aviary

• Double check to see birds, food, and overall condition of aviary is up to biv standards



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